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Stress makes car insurance claims more likely

Published: 20/10/2009 by Comments

It seems that we’re a nation of stressed out drivers - and all this fretting is putting our safety at risk! Insurance company Admiral has revealed that stress could actually be a serious cause of accidents - and therefore a major cause of car insurance claims.

Many of us think of taking to the road as a somewhat relaxing past time, especially if there’s nice scenery on route. This hasn’t entirely changed, as 44% of the drivers included said that it clears their head or calms them down.

Howevere, the new reasearch also discovered that nearly half the motorists surveyed by the insurer believe they are more likely to lose concentration of they are stressed or distracted, while 37% admitted that their driving takes a turn for the worst, becoming ‘erratic’ under the same conditions. Over half of those who participated in the poll of 3,000 motorists said that feeling stressed made a bout of road rage much more likely.

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