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Superfast BT Broadband in the pipeline

Published: 12/05/2010 by Comments

BT has set to extend its broadband internet services to 66% of UK households by 2013. It’s obvious that the move will depend on the annual report that will see light this week. Skeptics still claim that in its attempt to compete with broadband speed and coverage with rival Virginia Media, BT will only extend its broadband super-fast network to viable regions, leaving out lower competition areas. Hopes are that last year’s positive financial results will open up new possibilities for the fixed-line phone company. BT will be able to adjust the formerly announced plans to cover 40% of UK homes with 24 Mbps internet access by 2012 to the expected two-thirds by 2013. The cost to increase it’s UK reach in the broadband market is set to at over £1.5 bn which is a substantial investment in infrastructure in the current economic climate. BT will use copper wiring to connect individual homes to the network.

Company representatives claim that the news is just speculation at this point and refuse to offer comments, while admitting that this week results will be decisive for their future corporate agenda.

Only recently, BT CEO Ian Livingstone was shrewd enough to notice a catch behind the 21st Century Network Project, and ceased all action in this direction when company experts calculated that the plan would benefit only their immediate local rivals.

Nevertheless, huge losses in its outsourced Global Services division last year to some extent jeopardised plans. Since then, Jeff Kelly was appointed to deal with the crisis and to outline workable ways out of it. Solutions from partners came fast in the form of doubling BT’s low-latency network services for Singapore traders. StarHub, BT’s partner in the area, will be responsible for the initiative that will accommodate regional potential for business growth and trading platforms for development.

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