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Supermarkets are taking a stand against food waste as £13bn is thrown away each year

Published: 12/01/2017 by Comments

Supermarkets are taking a stand against food waste as £13bn is thrown away each year

Large supermarkets in the UK such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco are to post signs warning customers about food wastage. The Food Waste Charity WRAP have launched a pilot scheme after figures were released revealing that in 2015 homes in the United Kingdom wasted food to the total of £13bn.

Signs such as “bread expires faster in the fridge,” and “two people can eat one cup of rice,” will be seen on food packaging and posted in supermarket aisles.

WRAP will be expanding their campaign with the following:
• Through loyalty card schemes, online shopping, apps and digital receipts, messages to customers will be personalized to assist in them easily identifying changes that they can make in their own lives to stop wasting food.
• More information will be made available concerning how to store foods and product portioning.
• Staff in stores will be effectively trained on how to prevent wasting food in the home and how they can pass this knowledge on to customers.

Marcus Gover, CEO for WRAP states: Since the inception of the project in 2007, there has been a huge reduction in food wastage. According to research this figure has reached 8 million tons less wastage. However, this is an extremely challenging issue, there have been a lot of roadblocks, but we hope we will continue to improve.”

Therese Coffey, environment minister claims:

“A lot of progress has been made within the industry to handle food and packaging waste. This success has been achieved by joining forces with other organisations and working together. We hope that this continues.”

She goes on to say: “Each one of us has a responsibility to uphold, there has been progress, but there is much more that needs to be done. This is why we will continue to support and work with WRAP so that we can keep raising awareness on this issue.”

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