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Switching to a better broadband deal? Prepare to face two weeks without internet

Published: 01/02/2017 by Comments

Switching to a better broadband deal? Prepare to face two weeks without internet

According to the latest research, switching broadband companies could leave customers without internet for more than two weeks!

Over 300,000 broadband customers go without internet connection for up to two weeks when switching providers.

Switching service Uswitch found that over one in seven people who transition to a cheaper deal are left without internet for a minimum of 14 days which causes a huge disruption in the home. Families rely on broadband for daily living including children being able to do homework, grocery shopping and paying bills online. 

In the firms latest survey it was discovered that over a third of broadband users in the United Kingdom who had switched providers said they wouldn’t do so again in fear of not having access to the internet. They would rather stay and deal with the issues they were having with their previous providers.

Consumers switch providers for several reasons including slow connection, not enough online security, too expensive, not enough download capacity and a negative customer service experience.

Many organisations are advocating for better broadband in the United Kingdom. Something which is now viewed as an essential for homes and businesses. It is now just as important as gas, electricity and food; people are unable to live without it.

Despite having no service, customers were charged for the time they were unable to get online.

Broadband expert at Ewan Taylor-Gibson stated: “Customers who went without service had every right to be angry! Why should they have to pay for a service they did not have access to?”

Ofcom have now entered the debate and are expected to announce ways to improve the customer experience when switching broadband providers. They will also ensure that customers are awarded compensation for the time that they were without internet connection.

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