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T-Mobile/Orange Reports Drop in Fourth Quarter

Published: 28/02/2011 by Comments

The parent company of wireless giants T-Mobile and Orange, “Everything, Everywhere” has reported a dip in broadband customers for the fourth quarter of 2010. During 2010, Orange merged with T-Mobile creating the new company, Everything, Everywhere.

The recent report revealed a decreased number of subscribers in the home broadband service niche. The financials indicated a decrease from 795,000 subscribers in the third quarter to 770,000 in the fourth quarter, a rather rapid decline of 25,000 customers.

Despite the drop in service subscriptions, Everything, Everywhere plans to invest more time and money into the broadband market. The expansion of the broadband division of the company is in anticipation of predicted growth. A renewed commitment to marketing and sales in 2011 is expected to spur customer commitments to the service by the mid-year point.

Overall, the company experienced 1.25 percent of revenue growth during the last nine months of 2010. The mobile services departments saw an increase of 752,000 new customers, around 33 percent. Nearly 82 percent of contracted customers use the newer Smartphone devices, which could potentially lead to an increase in broadband services for mobile phones.

According to recent statements released by a spokesperson for the company, the preliminary figures for 2011 look promising. The company plans to focus on improvements and enhancements of its service as they move forward. However, unless Orange revamps its service and increases its customer base, a lasting increase in revenue is unlikely.

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