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TalkTalk Broadband desperately tries to keep its customers

Published: 23/05/2011 by Comments

TalkTalk is focused on bringing back most of its lost broadband customers as it experienced a constant drop since 2009. The company had then purchased Tiscali and things started to go from bad to worse. Tiscali was forced onto their customers and the new billing system came as a last punch in their already declining level of trust.

Customers had to sue TalkTalk after the company kept billing them even though the contracts were terminated. The ISP had to pay £2.5 million in order to leave those problems behind.

Dido Harding, who is TalkTalk’s chief executive, believes that the company will redress its path and win back the annoyed customers as well as gaining the confidence of new ones. He said: “We have worked hard to mitigate the impact of this disruption, and we are confident that we are now making major progress in improving the experience for customers, who will lead to lower churn.”

The first three months of 2011 registered an increase in service contracts with new customers. TalkTalk’s network began to expand its services and managed a 6% increase in its profits by registering £25 per month. There were also a few cuts made to the prices. Essentials and Plus now cost 50p less per month, and are offered together with bonuses such as an installation fee of only £50 (down from £79.99). Another compromise was the complete erase of the home mover fee.

Connection speeds are also a factor of great importance and TalkTalk also thought about it considerably. The company will work with the local telephone lines in order to gain the trust of a wider variety of customers.

For the company to get back in the game after a 50,000 customer loss this represents a great deal of commitment and deserves the attention. The company will also have to pay £10 million to its founder, Charles Dunstone after reducing the prices.

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