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TalkTalk broadband only £3.25 Per Month

Published: 11/05/2011 by Comments

TalkTalk appears to be fighting for price supremacy with Plusnet (owned by BT). Plusnet now offers broadband packages for just £3.24 per month on a one year contract. It seems its service is only one penny cheaper than that of its market enemy. There will still be a lot of ‘market’ fighting between the two companies but it looks like TalkTalk might get more customers.

TalkTalk Essentials grants its users free-of charge landline calls in weekends. The duration is unlimited and the customer also benefits from a free 40GB data download and also a free wireless router. What is also of great importance is the fact that TalkTalk doesn’t have any connection fees whatsoever. When a customer draws the line for one year of service there were only £214.20 spent.

Plusnet doesn’t offer a one year contract, but it offers line rental which cheaper than TalkTalk’s, as well as no limits during the night. There are certain limits such as a 10GB maximum download between 8AM and midnight. A £5 tax goes for delivering the router and another tax of £25 for activating the service. These additional taxes may ‘scare’ possible customers away and indirectly send them to the competition.

HomeSafe is the new thing of which TalkTalk is very proud about. This feature filters out the malware or any types of viruses that may infect a computer. Parents like the feature as it help protect their children by blocking their access to pornographic material.

The company also suffered from a power outage that affected its e-mail and telephony, and immediately irritated customers.

Charles Dunstone, who is the founder of both TalkTalk and Carphone Warehouse, is now the proud owner of a position in the list of rich people who made their fortune with the help of the “digital” world.

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