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Tesco Launch Used Car Sales Website

Published: 05/04/2011 by Comments

The supermarket chain Tesco plans to start a used cars website named Tesco Cars. A used car business doesn’t appear to be that farfetched for the supermarket colossus. The company wants to really get things going with this business. Their main goal is to become a serious competitor to other dealers, and gain control over this niche, as not many people trust today’s used-car companies. appears to be serious when it comes to efficiency and providing quality checked used cars. Even though the cars are secondhand, all of them will be checked before making any sale attempts. The inspections will be made by both RAC and HPI, the latter dealing with cars ownership history. Buyers will also have access to financing or insurance in case they believe in Tesco’s qualitative services.

The chief executive at Tesco, Andy Higginson said: “It is about following the customer into areas of spends. It is a £24bn market and we will have a tiny proportion of it. We can bring trust. A lot of people find it intimidating with the hard sell. There is no hard sell here.” Mr. Higginson also said that the website will strive to be “convenient, easy and safe” for everyone. When a person buys a car via the, he or she will receive about 2,000 Clubcard points. With these points the car owner will be given access to no more than 3,000 other lease cars directly available on the site. Its final stage will reveal both images as well as video clips of the cars as they were undergoing RAC tests.

Sir Trevor Chinn, who was the former owner of RAC and the current chairman of Carsite and Tesco Cars, has revealed that: “Consumers want to know they can trust the information supplied about a used car, that they are getting value for money and good customer service. Importantly they also want to be able to take their time to make the right purchase for them. We are delivering a positive new experience for today’s car buyer.”

Another great feature stands in the possibility of a car buyer to get the purchased car directly at its home address. Tesco’s main delivery point is located in Longbridge, close to Birmingham. Mr. Higginson of Tesco said that the new site offers dedicated after-sales support from a nationwide network of more than 1,000 garages available to make repairs that are 30% cheaper than the ones offered by other dealerships.

Tesco said that each shopper will be given their own customer service adviser who can help answer questions and make sure the buyer is happy with the new purchase.

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