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The new iPhone 8 could feature a transparent OLED screen

Published: 13/01/2017 by Comments

The new iPhone 8 could feature a transparent OLED screen

The new iPhone 8 will have an OLED screen that will have the appearance of nothing but impressive transparent glass on its display.

It seems that Apple is pulling out all the stops in its design efforts for the new device, with a re-vamp that will produce a handset without a bezel and see-through in appearance.

Yes, it even seems that the camera, ear speaker and sensors will not be visible – all kept hidden due to technology that incorporates a screen with holes in it – to put it simply.  In more advanced terms an Apple Patent reveals that the slim-line OLED display has spaces (holes) between pixels which allow light to filter through – giving the appearance of a layer streamlined glass while allowing the camera, speakers and sensor to work underneath seamlessly.  The holes will allow everything located on the screen to function whilst light penetrates, giving the phone a see-through appearance. 

The overall result may be a handset which can be transparent whilst still displaying data on its screen.  The rear camera may be used to beam what’s seen behind the phone, onto the front display, using virtual means.  This could work well as a form of augmented reality on an Apple device – if users can hold the phone up to a location and have it appear very clearly whilst data is also displayed onscreen, such as live shop sales, opening time for restaurants and navigation instructions, for example.

These are exciting developments and great things are hoped for amidst rumours of the new iPhone 8’s cutting edge features.  The more we hear the more we look forward to the 2018 launch.

Photo credit: M Eliasson (YoutTube)

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