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The recession affects pets too!

Published: 16/07/2009 by Comments

Since the credit crunch first started to bite, we’ve all been hearing about the adverse effects of the recession. Now it seems that not even our pets can escape the economic downturn. A recent investigation by Sainsbury’s Finance discovered that over 3 million cat and dog owners have noticed behavioural changes in their pets over the last year - nearly one fifth of the UK cat and dog population. The most common behavioural problem revealed in the survey was damage to furniture, while anxiety, nervousness and moodiness followed close behind.

As a nation of pet lovers, we’ve always known that cats and dogs are highly intelligent and sensitive, and it appears that they are picking up on the stressed out behaviour of their owners and reflecting it in their own.
“Cats and dogs can be very sensitive to their owner’s feelings and behaviour, so changes in mood such as irritability, distress or remoteness could be sensed and leave the animal themselves agitated or depressed,” explained Joanne Mallon, Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance Manager.

In this tough, cash-strapped times it’s important that you get the most from your insurance package. Sainsbury’s offers a pet insurance policy that includes up to £250 per year for behavioural problems.

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