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Three to launch new Broadband Huawei E367 Dongle

Published: 02/04/2011 by Comments

The Huawei E367 dongle will be released and ready to be bought next week from 3 ( This new model “provides improved performance and offers up to 40% faster browsing”, a great product coming from Three.

It has a completely new design consisting of a rotating head which will definitely offer users the possibility of receiving the best signal. The company has already made a statement concerning the new Huawei E367. It appears that this new product “will offer ever faster performance as Three continues its network improvement program and rolls out this new technology.”

David Kerrigan, the proud man behind Three said: “Huawei has done a great job delivering this superior dongle, in both form and function. Whether browsing the internet, downloading files or streaming video, this dongle delivers an even better internet experience on our 3G network, which is built for mobile internet.”
Three announced that there are two new arc handsets available to buy: the Samsung Galaxy Mini and the Sony Ericsson Xperia, both of them are working with the Android OS.

The Samsung Galaxy Mini has the new Android Froyo+ 2.2.1 and 3.14” touch screen. As expected, it has a phonebook that is working well with the known social networks as well as a portable Wi-Fi. The 3MP camera is more than enough for taking high quality photos. This handset can be bought for £15 if it’s accompanied by a £99 contract.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia arc has a 4.2” multi-touch display which runs on a Sony Mobile Bravia Engine. It’s a slim device having a thickness of only 8.7mm, but it also holds an 8.1MP camera that has HD Video capabilities. Xperia has a great CMOS sensor developed by Sony, called Exmor. This is sensor works great for shooting clips in environments where light is scarce. A 3.5mm jack will permit owners to bring a wide variety of headphones for listening to music. Pictures can be directly uploaded to Facebook. The price for this Sony Ericsson arc is £35 a month or it can be available for £449 with a Pay As You Go contract.
Three announces that this new 3G dongle with broadband capabilities will offer about 40% more speed when compared to older models.

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