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Tories welfare blunder could see £138 million tax credits back in the pockets of struggling families

Published: 07/02/2017 by Comments

The government has announced that 23,000 welfare recipients will have their claims reviewed. According to reports, the payback could be as high as £138m! A US company, hired by HMRC to conduct error and fraud checks in 2014 are apparently responsible for the miscalculations.

The Tory Government have reported that out of the 36,000 recipients who filed an appeal against the Concentrix decision, almost 90 percent have had their benefits renewed.
In a report released today, it was confirmed that the cases remaining would also be evaluated. The HMRC are going over all cases to ensure that decisions made by Concentrix were accurate. The report also mentioned that if necessary they would contact claimants to request extra information.

It is estimated that the checks could be complete by March of this year. HMRC have stated that they have wasted a significant amount of time and money hiring external contractors for evaluations. Not to mention the devastation caused to those who have had their benefits revoked. “From now on, we will be doing our own evaluations,” states HMRC.

£138m is an estimated figure, when looking at figures of a £6,000 per household and 23,000 cases under review. The HMRC have stated they can’t put an exact figure on the amount as of yet.

Mhari Black claims that this latest blunder is simply further evidence of the Tories inability to do their job efficiently. She added, “The Concentrix scheme was a disaster from the beginning to end. The Government has got no excuse for the length of time it has taken to review these cases. The Tories need to seriously consider putting another welfare system into place before they damage even more lives.”

Advocates for tax credit recipients are encouraging anyone who has had their benefits revoked to file a claim immediately.

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