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UK motorists have £3.8billion worth of car gadgets

Published: 10/08/2009 by Comments

It seems that us Brits love our gadgets, as a recent survey for Saga Car Insurance has revealed that 22% of UK motorists over 50 have over £200 worth of portable accessories in their cars.

This figure actually exceeds the amount of cover for personal possessions currently offered by insurance companies in the UK. However, Saga also revealed that over 50s tend to take more care of their valuables, locking them out of site or removing them from their vehicle at the end of the drive.

Despite this, Executive Chairman of the Saga Group, Andrew Goodsell, advised any motorists with car accessories in their vehicle to check the amount of cover they currently receive on their insurance premium, as they might be in for a nasty surprise.

British drivers have a collection £3.8 billion worth of accessories and gadgets in their vehicles so, with the recession causing a higher level of car theft, it is definitely worthwhile to make sure you are properly covered.

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