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UK ranked 33rd in Global Broadband Speeds

Published: 29/05/2010 by Comments

According to The Ookla Net Index, which measures average broadband speeds of the nations around the globe, UK finds itself languishing in the 33rd place in global broadband order.

Between 24 Nov, 2007 and 25 May, 2010, Ookla, using data from, Ookla estimated UK’s average downstream speed to be 7.7Mbps, a meager 0.03Mbps more than the global average. In comparison the broadband heavy weights all command downstream speeds that are at least double that of the UK.
South Korea has the distinction of being the nation with the fastest broadband connection, with a blazing 34.19Mbps downstream speed. Although the second placed Latvia is full 10Mbps slower, the rest of the top four, which includes Japan and Moldova, all command average broadband speeds in excess of 20Mbps.

Of the other major European nations, Germany sits at 16th place with an average speed of 13.11Mbps, while France is at 19th with 11.57Mbps. The US is not doing much better then the UK, finding itself at 26th with 10.15Mbps. However, as a point of contention, a separate study published in April put Oxford in fifth place in the global broadband pecking order for cities. No British city finds itself in Top 30 world cities ranked according to broadband speeds based on Ookla figures.

Fast broadband connections have been a much talked about topic in the UK, and promises of rolling out next generation superfast broadband infrastructure has been part of the election platform for both parties of the Liberal-Democrat/Labour coalition. Private sector providers have also taken up an interest in this issue. Virgin Media, which claims to be fastest broadband provider in the UK with speeds up to 50Mb, has revealed plans of launching a 100Mb services later this year.

But with South Korea planning its own speed jump of up to 1Gbps, the UK’s ambitions for breaking into the broadband premier league will have to wait.

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