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Universal broadband access for UK homes

Published: 19/06/2009 by Comments

Every home in Britain can look forward to broadband access by 2012 if Communications minister Stephen Carter gets his way. At the Delivering Digital Britain conference, Carter outlined his vision of nationwide broadband which will be funded by money left over from the digital switch-over.

Despite his big ideas, Mr Carter did admit that the current ‘leftover’ figure is currently quite minimal. Having leftover cash isn’t even guaranteed - it’s all dependent on the success of the digital switch-over. Should certain areas of the UK require additional financial support, all funds could disappear entirely.

The broadband scheme, which was highlighted in the 2009 Budget, would encourage all households to embrace the digital revolution. The government hopes that a universal speed of 2mbs/sec will give consumers equal access to broadband services.

The plans will be further outlined in the Digital Britain report which is expected on the 16th June this year.

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