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Unsatisfactory broadband is hindering educational progress in rural areas

Published: 18/01/2017 by Comments

Unsatisfactory broadband is hindering educational progress in rural areas

A recent report has highlighted the fact that rural areas with poor internet connection are unable to complete homework.

Director at Rural England, Brian Wilson stated that children raised in rural areas are at a disadvantage in comparison to their urban counterparts. Due to weak internet connections, they are unable to access the required educational platforms which is hindering their academic progress.

The report carried out by the campaign group said that rural communities are at a disadvantage because of their inferior transport links to crucial public services.
The report was written by Mr Wilson, and he says: “Slow internet connectivity is the main problem faced in rural areas. It is getting slightly better; however, approximately one quarter of homes are not able to get connected to the internet.

“As technology becomes more and more dominant, schools are utilising online learning materials and children are expected to do a lot of their homework online. Especially when the assignments are research based projects which involve downloading large documents and attachments.”

The Telegraph is launching a Better Broadband campaign in order to expose the damage that bad or no internet connection is inflicting on businesses and families in rural communities.

The government has recommended that by 2020 everyone in the United Kingdom will legally be entitled to request high speed internet of 10mbps.

The chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary group on broadband Matt Warman says that it is the responsibility of the government to introduce focused provisions to enhance broadband in schools because children are forfeiting the majority of the curriculum.

Mr Warman told the Daily Telegraph: “If there is no internet connection, how can we expect children to improve intellectually? This problem is stunting academic achievement and it’s unacceptable, this country has more than enough money to ensure that everyone has access to adequate internet connection.”

Photo credit: Vicky Brock

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