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Virgin Media 100Mb Broadband expands to 30,000 more homes

Published: 19/05/2011 by Comments

Virgin Media will bring 100Mb broadband connections to 30,000 homes in Derry. The company announced this yesterday as the town will get to benefit from Virgin’s latest packages and products, including the new TiVo.

This is another expansion plan set in motion by Virgin in order to reach its ‘5 million customers’ target. These 30,000 homes will join another 16,000 which were connected this year, but the grand total still gets way under 5 million at only 4.82 million customers.
Those 30,000 homes will have access to Virgin’s services as of next month. It represents a real victory for the company as it is known to be the direct competitor of BT, especially for providing fiber-optic internet connection. BT continues its £3 billion investment in Derry by improving the fiber-optic services. The investment will be finalized this autumn.

The executive sales director of VM, Peter Taddeo believes that Derry will benefit from the best the company can offer in terms of internet connection and other telecommunication services. He said: “We’re really excited to bring our latest digital services to Derry. Now families and professionals have a choice of the UK’s leading digital entertainment services with the best in TV and ultrafast broadband all supplied by our unique fiber optic network. From the new Virgin Media TV service powered by TiVo box, to 100Mb broadband and even mobile phone services, our quadplay offering will give residents the greatest choice in options to suit their needs, with significant savings for families when taking services together.”

Virgin is confident about the level of trust people now have in its services and plans to expand in Ashford, Stains and Southampton in the next few months. BT on the other hand, wants to improve its copper broadband services to around 20 million residences all over the country by 2012.

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