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Virgin Media 100Mb Super Hub Get’s Speed Update

Published: 28/02/2011 by Comments

Virgin Media’s Super Hub is set to receive a much needed update. The device, manufactured by Netgear, was created with hopes of achieving speeds higher than that of its predecessor. However, the new Super Hub, which boasts speeds up to 100Mbits/sec, is the object of frustration for many of its owners.

After upgrading to the new Super Hub, customers complained the router slowed their connection speeds to nearly a crawl. Customers on the Virgin Media forums have complained for over a week about the modem. Customer kmb786 complained, saying that “Ever since I got mine upgraded from 10Mbits/sec to 50Mbits/sec, the connection has been terrible - disconnects every day and sometimes several times a day”.

According to Virgin Media, the patch should fix the problem. A spokesperson for the company assured customers that the problem rests in the configuration and not the actual hardware. The spokesperson went on to explain, “We are aware of some issues some customers have been seeing with data throughput when using our new Super Hub modem/router.

Testing is underway, and we expect to resolve the issue by a firmware update.” Once the problem is confirmed, the Super Hub will be automatically updated with the patch, pushed through by Virgin Media.

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