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Virgin Media 100Mbps Broadband Roll-out

Published: 29/01/2011 by Comments

Virgin Media, who launched the first broadband service in Britain, announced that five new locations in UK will now experience superfast 100mbps broadband service. According to Virgin Media, the households in Cheshunt and Hatfield in Hertfordshire, Pentwin in Cardiff, Southport in Merseyside and Treforest in Rhondda are now able to use the service.

The superfast service was first announced February of last year and was officially launched last December. This expansion will benefit 150,000 households excluding 350,000 households already enjoying the service. In addition, the said expansion will just not benefit individual consumers, but will also be a big factor in local businesses in the areas mention.

“We’re racing to get these ultrafast speeds across this entire area as fast as we can to meet demand,” said Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media.

The company said the service will offer download speeds of 100 Mbps, with upload speeds of 10 Mbps. Enough to download a high definition movie in just 7 minutes.

Virgin added that they noticed a 215% rise in data consumptions by their consumers in the past three years resulting in the needs of faster internet connections. The company aims to complete the rollout by the middle of 2012.

The rollout of Virgin Media’s 100Mbps service shows the opposites of the current line speeds in other parts of the UK. Last July, the coalition government delayed the roll out of a not-that-fast 2Mbps broadband line speed to all British homes until 2015. British Telecom has already announced plans for its high-speed broadband service capable of speeds of up to 110Mbps, in March 2011. The UK carrier continues to rollout and promote optic fibre broadband connection across UK, and has recently announced the winners of its ‘Race to Infinity’ contest.

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