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Virgin Media and Sky clamping down on illegal downloads

Published: 14/02/2017 by Comments

Say goodbye to illegal content downloading! The “Get it right campaign” backed by the government will be giving customers 20 days notice to stop illegally pirating content.

According to reports, companies such as Virgin Media and Sky are trying to get rid of torrent sites such as Pirate Bay and KickAss.
The main aim of the campaign is to educate users about the risks associated with piracy.

“The individuals or companies who own the copyright to downloaded content are keeping their eye on peer to peer file sharing networks searching for content that has been downloaded without their permission,” says the campaign.

The reason why internet providers are getting involved is because content owners are making note of the IP addresses of the violators and then contacting the relevant internet service provider (ISP). Companies such as PlusNet, Sky, Virgin Media, BT, and NowTV are being bombarded with complaints.

The account holder is then contacted via email about the copywriting breach that has taken place using one of the computers in their home.

Several ISPs have set up a page on their websites explaining the warnings being sent out and the purpose of the “Get it right campaign.”

Companies such as Sky have left a message stating: “By downloading and sharing content illegally, you are putting the companies that provide the content that you love to watch at risk of going out of business.”

The campaign was started by those who create copyrighted material; it is supported by the government as well as some of the largest internet service providers.

As of yet, there is no mention of what will happen to users if they refuse to abide by the 20 day warning. The message does state that if they are found to continue downloading content illegally they will be asked to disable or remove all software used to share illegal content.

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