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Virgin Media are not exagerating broadband speeds

Published: 25/08/2009 by Comments

Virgin Media Broaband has promised not to exaggerate its broadband speeds on adverts for its internet service. The pledge comes hot on the heels of a recent report by broadcasting regulator Ofcom which revealed that only 57% of consumers actually got up to the internet speed they signed up for.

Virgin was actually the one company that Ofcom listed as almost matching the speeds advertised, has responded to the report with a new National Broadband Speed Promise. The internet giant is launching this campaign as a guarantee that their customers will receive honest and transparent information about the technical capabilities of their broadband connection at the point of sale.

It seems that many consumers are confused about the promises made in advertising campaigns, with most not realising that they are not receiving the speeds promised by their service provider. Virgin is aiming to combat this confusion by reassuring both current customers and those looking to sign up that they will not mislead or exaggerate speeds.

To back up the latest campaign, the company is also set to launch a selection of new products. The range is geared up to provide super fast broadband speeds to households that are not covered by Virgin’s fibre optic network.

Neil Berkett, Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Media, explained, “I hope our National Broadband Speed Promise will help peole choose the product that’s right for them and set a new standard of transparency for the whole industry.”

Virgin is the first broadband provider that has responded positively to the report. Broadcasting giant BT, listed as one of the worst offenders, slammed the results claiming they were ‘out of date’.

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