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Virgin Media brings 1.5Gb broadband to London

Published: 10/05/2011 by Comments

Virgin Media is currently testing broadband connections of 1.5 Gbps in London. The company claims that the bandwidth offers the fastest speed in the world for a broadband connection.

The testing procedures are starting somewhere close to Old Street in East London. Virgin had to work together with 4 other companies. is helping the company with the tests. Their results will prove to be very important to both businesses and people who wish to stream media content or play games online.

Virgin Media’s 1.5 GB is extremely fast in terms of connection speed. It is almost 240 times faster than the normal, average speed currently offered to Brits. The upload speeds are not even close to the download speeds but Virgin believes 150Mbps is more than enough to ensure a fast transfer.

The company’s previous tests initially managed to show that the connection will go as far as 1 GB, but what Virgin did with the help of enlarged the bandwidth to ‘eat’ 500 Mb more. It wasn’t a matter of ambition as it was a matter of money. Virgin Media spent almost £13 billion in order to connect dwelling to fiber optic networks by installing coaxial cables of the best of quality. The speeds can get even bigger due to Virgin’s DOCSIS3 technology, which runs with the help of the new IPv6 protocol.

BT is now looking obsolete because of its copper-based cables within the network, but things will begin to look better for BT as the Infinity service will meet with Virgin’s top services. Fujitsu will also be able to connect more than five million dwellings from the rural are in the close future. This means fiber optic will soon take over the UK but prices will not be cheap for the extremely fast speeds it will provide.

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