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Virgin Media Broadband increase upload limits

Published: 07/10/2010 by Comments

Fibre optic customers of Virgin Media will now enjoy a zero expense addition of upload speed. The company plans to increase uploading speeds to 3 times as much faster than the current available speed.

The new deal offers an increase in the current categories starting with the first being upgraded with an additional 10Mbps, 20mbps and 50mbps on the broadband service. The new service will be available in September this year and onwards to 2011 through out the network.

The broadband media company is promising greater ease during the setup process, more reliable customer service, as well as a reliable connection speed and faster upload speeds. Virgin Media’s customers will now be able to send huge files like videos and photos much quicker.

The following are the existing speeds.

-The current 0.512 megabytes per second will get an upgrade of up to one megabyte per second.

-The current 0.768 megabytes per second will get an upgrade of up to two megabytes per second.

-The current 1.5 megabytes per second will get an upgrade of up to five megabytes per second.

Virgin Media says the new speeds are going to enable users who will be on the fifty megabytes per second package be able to send or upload a twelve megabyte video in twenty seven seconds and a one megabyte photo in 2 seconds.

The company also said that it is gong to increase data transfer during peak time. The Broadband company said their traffic management systems improves the performance for ninety five percent, by slowing down temporarily the speed for five percent who make up the heaviest users.

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