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Virgin Media Broadband - New Customer Discounts

Published: 22/05/2010 by Comments

Virgin Media has upped the ante in the race for providing fast broadband services at affordable rates. For a limited time, Virgin Media is offering introductory discounts on the first three months of tariffs for its 10, 20 and 50Mb broadband packages.

These offers, which customers can choose to combine with offers for Virgin Media home phone lines, entitle subscribers to unlimited downloads, unlimited weekend calls, and free internet security, along with blazing fast broadband connections

The 10 Mb “L” broadband service comes at £15 per month for the first three months, rising to £20 afterwards. Those who choose to get a landline with this offer will pay £5 per month for the initial three month period, and £12.50 per month for the rest of the contract. Included in this package is a free wireless router and 5GB of online storage space.

Virgin Media’s 20Mb “XL” broadband service is being offered at £25 per month for the first three months, and £30 thereafter. If a landline is included, the charges are £10 per month for three months and £30 subsequently. Bundled with this offer is a free wireless N router and 10GB of free online storage space.

The 50Mb “XXL” deal, rated as UK’s fastest home broadband service, will cost £33 per month for the first three months and £38 afterwards. Taken with a land phone line, the service will cost £15 per month for the three months and £28 thereafter. The offer includes unlimited online storage space, free email accounts, and a free wireless router.

Last year, Virgin Media received Top 10’s Fastest Home Broadband award, after 400,000 speed test confirmed Virgin Media’s broadband products to be the fastest of the land. Tests conducted on the site found that on average, a Virgin Media customer enjoyed a connection speed of 8.15Mb.

These offers are valid until June 30th 2010. - Click here to take advantage of this fantastic virgin media deal

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