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Virgin Media Broadband - UK’s Fastest Provider

Published: 06/08/2010 by Comments

With Virgin Media being handed the official crown of the fastest high-speed broadband provider in the UK by Ofcom, the company’s best deals are expected to generate a good deal of public interest.

The latest broadband download tests performed by Ofcom, the telecommunications regulator, confirmed that Virgin’s 10Mbps package offers speeds that are around two times faster than all of its competitor’s 10Mbps class packages.

For those shopping around for a standalone fibre optic broadband connection, Virgin 10Mbps broadband comes at £20 per month. Customers will have to pay a one-off installation fee of £35. All customers are eligible for a £5 discount for the first three months of the one year contract.

Virgin Media is also offering a number of great bundle deals that is sure to tempt customers with some attractive savings.

Our personal favourite is the deal that offers 10Mbps broadband connection, unlimited weekend calls on any UK based land-line and 100 digital TV channels. The whole bundle comes at very reasonable £23.50 per month.

There is no installation fee, and over the first two months, customers will only have to pay £5. However, customers will have to sign up for a Virgin land-line, for a monthly fee of £11.99.

Sign-up to Virgin Media and be part of the fastest high-speed broadband provider with speeds of up to 50Mbps.

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