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Virgin Media Business to provide internet for schools

Published: 31/01/2011 by Comments

Virgin Media, a UK cable broadband provider, has been chosen to provide superfast broadband internet access to almost 3,000 schools in London.

The said event was announced last Wednesday. The project aims to support 3,200 unique education locations across the city’s 33 local authorities and is believed to “transform” the experiences of school children.

Mark Heraghty, Virgin Media’s Managing Director, said, “The potential growth of the London PSN is absolutely vast. He added, “It will not only give schools across the capital the means and tools to provide a richer, more interactive learning environment for their pupils but any and every public sector organisation will be able to make a more resourceful and cost-effective use of ICT through this platform for shared services.”

Virgin Media Business broadband will receive £200 million for taking over the London Public Sector Network, which includes all public bodies and learning establishments, including schools.

Savings from the network are expected to be in the region of £100 million, as schools will highly benefit from the said service especially for learning purposes.

Speeds that will be available to the schools will be around 10Mbps, the schools will also have the option to upgrade to a much faster rate of 10Gbps, which will enable more bandwidth-intensive activities.

A report from the e-Learning Foundation last year showed that 1 million children in the UK doesn’t have a computer at home and double the number hasn’t been able to access the internet, thus showing that this move will greatly affect education and learning by the children.

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