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Virgin Media offers 500GB TiVo to its customers

Published: 17/05/2011 by Comments

The new Virgin Media TiVo package will be available at a price of £49.95 with some additional charges for installation. It will be added only to pre-existing TV packages and will allow its subscribers eligibility to other packages such as the XL and L at £3, and M - TV at £8.
TiVo can record about 250 hours of video at normal resolution. If users decide to record at a higher definition then the recording time drastically reduces. TiVo contains 3 other tuners capable of working separately and record two different channels at the same time a user is watching a third one.

The offer dropped from a 1TB hard drive to a 500GB one as the prices were a bit too high for some people to handle. At £149.95, the 1TB TiVo seems too expensive when compared to the smaller version which costs three times less. The 1TB version is very appealing as it can store twice as much normal definition video and almost 100 hours of high definition video. Although the bigger package is expensive, the possibility of having 500 hours of normal video can be exactly what technology fans look forward to equip their TV contract.

It may come as a surprise but people who just begun a contract with Virgin Media aren’t eligible for the smaller TiVo just yet. Virgin said that it will make the smaller package available for everyone as of this summer, but patience will be rewarded with one of the best TV packages available on the market.

Brits will undoubtedly go for the smaller one because not many will seek to record a huge amount of video data, while some will want it just because of its affordable price. Virgin’s box offers quite the services but reviews showed that its interface still needs a bit of tweaking and some other things added as well, otherwise the service appears to be impeccable.

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