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Virgin Media to Broadcast French Open in 3D

Published: 17/05/2011 by Comments

Virgin Media will deliver Eurosport’s live programming and other exclusive treats directly from the tournament via a 3D feed. People will tune in to see Rafael Nadal’s match against Andy Murray as the first needs to defeat his title. Women tennis will bring Caroline Wozniacki against Francesca Schiavone. Virgin promises to deliver these top notch Roland Garros matches in 3D to its subscribers delight.

Roland Garros begins on Sunday, May 22nd and ends two weeks after, on Sunday June 5th. If the fans don’t get to watch some of the matches but benefit from TiVo’s recording options there won’t be a problem for them. The rest should probably clear their schedules as Eurosport plans to catch on camera every piece of the action.

Jean Thierry Augustin from Eurosport’s distribution said: “This agreement with Virgin Media will enable UK sports fans to experience Grand Slam tennis as never before. The iconic clay courts of Roland Garros are the perfect stage to demonstrate the progress being made in 3D sports broadcasting. It will be the first time an entire Grand Slam event has been accessible in 3D to viewers at home from the opening day to the final and it reinforces Eurosport’s commitment to innovation and new technology.’

The tournament will be watched live by millions of people and will be screened on channel 523. It is a new step for Virgin Media as their only 3D service was incorporated in the normal broadcast and not on live television. The company will get to compete with another company - Sky 3D, which is the leader among 3D broadcasts when it comes to sports.

Cindy Rose, who is the executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media is ‘delighted’ that the company will be able to bring tennis right in the bedroom of its fans. Quality 3D picture is what Virgin strives to attain during this event and Ms. Rose believes that Virgin customers will not be disappointed.

“With Sky Sports, Eurosport and ESPN all available in HD and SD and a great choice of sport on demand, Virgin Media is the perfect choice for sports fans everywhere,” added Ms. Rose.

BBC will also bring tennis much closer to viewers as it already signed a contract with Sony in order for it to film the Wimbledon in 3D.

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