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Virgin Media Trials 200mb broadband

Published: 06/05/2009 by Comments

Broadband provider, Virgin Media, is holding trials of a 200mb service, almost doubling the current highest fibre connection available. A select group of residents in Kent will be the first to get their computers hooked up to the high speed connection, which is being run on Virgin’s new DOCSIS3 network.

The brand new scheme to trial the service is set to run for six months initially, allowing the company to closely monitor the internet habits and behaviour of those involved. Virgin Media will use the information gathered from the exercise to decide how best to provide such a service in the future, and to look at whether it’s actually commercially viable. Although the current trial is aimed at consumers only, the company haven’t ruled out offering it as a premium business service at some point.

Despite the exciting development, the company did admit that the majority of UK residents would not be able to enjoy the service as their current software would not be compatible with such high speeds.

Neil Berkett, Chief Executive of Virgin Media, described the move as ‘a journey of discovery’ and the ideal vehicle for providing insight into the actual everyday usage of such a high speed service.

“With the only true next-generation network in the UK, we are at the forefront of innovation and understanding when it comes to ultra fast broadband services” He said.

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