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WhatsApp introduces two-step verification to improve security

Published: 13/02/2017 by Comments

In a bid to prevent people using phone numbers that don’t belong to them to install WhatsApp, they have introduced new security measures.

Users are now required to provide their email address as well as enter a verification code which will make it more difficult to pose as someone else. With this information stored in the WhatsApp system, users will be able to disable the identification process if they desire.

For anyone who attempts to use a fake email account, WhatsApp will not be sending verification or email confirmations, which means you will end up locked out of your account.
WhatsApp will also stop users from re-verifying their account with just their phone number if they have used the new authentication service in the previous seven days.

It is essential that users make sure that their email address is correct, by accidentally entering the wrong email address you will block yourself from being able to get into WhatsApp. If you attempt to get into the service using your phone number alone and seven days has passed since you last used it in combination with your pass code, your messages and conversations will be deleted from your phone to protect your account from unauthorised use.

If you haven’t used your account for more than 30 days, it will be deleted, if you forget your passcode, and you are unable to access your email to disable the two step verification process, a new account will be created.

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