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Women may drive without car insurance

Published: 29/03/2011 by Comments

Almost 35% of women motorists between age 17 and 24 are backing up the idea that if the insurance premiums for their car would increase, they’d not feel any remorse for driving their cars without them being insured. This European Court ruling encouraged One Poll to take this survey on women pertaining to this age group. The survey also revealed that out of 3, 000 young women motorists, 12% of them said that a 25% increase in costs would definitely hold them back from driving.

About 11% of the women that have participated to the poll said that they would need to be on the look-out for a second job in order for them to insure their car.

The European Court of Justice made a decision at the beginning of this month to ban the demand of car insurance premiums based on the policy holder’s gender. This court ruling made possible for women motorists above the age 25 to pay 25% more on insurance premiums.

What happened to the female motorists actually did something good for their male counterparts. Male motorists could benefit a 10% discount for their insurance premium. Gasoline and car service add up to premium insurance and 15% of women motorists said that they may need to be closer to home, fact which can leave the ladies without a job while searching for one near home. 5% of them said that this price increase in premium insurance would leave them incapable of getting to college or school in time.

The leader of consumer insurance at Quinn-direct, said: “It is evident from the research that motorists are not happy with the proposed changes to their insurance premiums.“It is shocking that many young drivers would consider driving without insurance and sad that some will be unable to afford to get behind the wheel.”

Men as well as women clearly feel that these measures taken by the EU pose no direct benefit to motorists. The price increase of insurance premiums made female motorists edgy and all for good reason. Such a measure cannot be adopted without repercussions.

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