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World Cup: Score the right travel insurance for South Africa

Published: 27/05/2010 by Comments

If you are set on following England on their road to world cup glories (hopefully) this summer in South Africa, Marks & Spenser strongly suggests getting your insurance sorted as soon as possible.

By leaving the insurance policy for the last minute, fans leave themselves vulnerable to factors that could affect their trip even before they reach their destination. M&S’ premium single trip cover plan, which provides £6,000 worth of cover on any unused and irrecoverable travel and accommodation costs, offers customers peace of mind - at least financially - in case of trip cancellation for such unlikely but quite possible eventualities as being called up for jury duty, or being made redundant or refused leave.

M&S head of general insurance Andrew Ferguson said that with thousands of Brits set on following their football heroes to South Africa, travel insurance is as important as essential and flight tickets or hotel bookings. The right insurance policy will provide cover even before one steps on to the flight, and it is vital that fans invest in a comprehensive policy at the earliest.

According to research by Santander, each South Africa bound Brit will on average spend £2,700 through the trip, including airfare, tickets to games and accommodation. Given the currency restriction of just 5,000 South African rand allowed in or out of the country, fans are advised to take particular note of exchange fees on purchases and ATM fees when withdrawing cash.

England’s World Cup campaign kicks off on June 12, when they taken on the United States in Rustenburg.

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