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Zurich Insurance warns drivers as clocks go back

Published: 02/11/2009 by Comments

With the clocks going back last weekend, heralding the advent of daylight saving time, Zurich is warning drivers to exercise caution while on the roads. Research collated by the insurance company has shown that car accident claims increase by 11% at this time of year, compared to the two weeks previous to the change.

A spokesperson for the connect department of the organisation, Mike Quinton, explained that the wet, windy weather and darker evenings all increase the risk of an accident while in your car.
“Daylight saving has become a dark week on Britain’s roads as accidents shoot up,” he said. With many of us driving the same route each day, the fact that our evenings are getting darker more quickly can cause a problem as it makes us feel more tired and we struggle to adjust.

The company has recommended that drivers keep their vehicles clean and well maintained, taking care that all windows are clear, even if it means adding a few extra minutes to your morning drive. Ensuring head lights are clean should always be top of the checklist - but even more so now that the clocks have changed.

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